My Memries of New York

I'd been to NY in 1989 for the first time. I'd held solo exhibition at Open House Gallery in Greenige Village. There were "Village Gate" and "Village Theater" at that time. I used to visite Gate, Blue Note, Seet Basil and Village Vangurd during I was staying. I just listened to Sara Vorn at Blue Note by chance, and it was the last performance of her. I'd been to NY again in 1990, and I'd met my friend Frank again. He was a musician. When I went to see him and listened to his music, A coulod see John Cage by chance. It was a miracle to see a big name I respected. This year, I perticipated in an optional tour of Tomy to Harlem. We went to Silvia to eat Soul Food, and went to Apollo Theater to see amatour night. I enjoyed so much.

I'd been to NY to hold group exhibition in Bronx in 1996 again. I planed it with my friend Amir Bey.@He was a sculptor. The gallery was "Bronx River Art Center & Gallery" near Bronx Zoo. One of famaous bassist Eddie Gomez came to see me and my works with his wife. I'd been to the gallery by A tarin from centrala park W to Toremont Av. for two weeks. I presented one work to Eddie, and another to Randy Blecker.

This center had a gallery on grand floor, workshop on second floor and office on third floof. One day I did performance of woodcut for schoolboys in this earea. Dyring stauing in NY, I visited two museum. one is Bronx Museum, and another Harlem Art Studio. They exhibited many fine art made in Bronx arear in Bronx Museum. Harlem Art Studio was next to Apollo Theater. And they exhibited many art their own. I thought that they were proud of their own culture and they tried to remain them to next generation.

They let me aware of idea that I should have proud of Japanese culture. @My art work is a kind of answer. I'm sure that we japanese has nice sence of lines. It is two dimentional line. And I've been trying to make 3 dimentional figure with only lines.

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