"Ukiyo-e" leads me to Art, and now I am drawing jazz musicians so quickly with lines.


1957  born in Tottori City(Jan.27)
1975  left Tottori University, Department of Mechanical
1980  traveled to Germany,Austria,Switzerland and Italy
1982  graduated from Sokei Academy of Fine Art
          50th Exhibition of the Japan Print Association,Tokyo(~53th)
1985  The 1st Biennale Exhibition of Print in Wakayama
          traveled to France,Spain,Portugal,Switzerland and Italy
1986  8th International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frechen
          International "Arts of Today" Exhibition Budapest 1986
1987  3rd International "Works on paper '87" Osaka, Japan
1989  "Forest of Artist"(Part 16-View),KIRIN Heartland Gallery,Tokyo
          Solo Exhibition, Open House Garelly, N.Y.
1990  Solo Exhibition, Art Salon SOH, Tottori
1991  illustrations for jazz magazine Swing Journal
1993  cover illustrations for CD, Alfa Record(15 pieces)
          Solo Exhibition(Tottori Prefectural Kenmin Bunka Hall)
1995  cover illustration for CD[FURUSATO], King Record
          group exhibition for "Peace Concert"(Tottori Prefectural
              Kenmin Bunka Hall)
1996  Group exhibition "BRIDGE" (Bronx River Art Center & Gallery, Bronx, NY)
            May 3rd〜19th
          Sept.  Art Festival in Tsurugi (Ishikawa Pref.)
1997  Aug.   Art Festival in Tsurugi (Ishikawa Pref.)
          Sept.  Solo Exhibition in Okayama (David Hall, Matsumoto Corporation)
          Oct.   Solo Exhibition in Katsuyama (Nishikura, Tuji-Honten)
          Nov.  Solo Exhibition in Kurashiki (Hashimaya)  
1998  Jul.   Solo Exhibition in Kobe (Gallery ILANA GOOR)
      Aug. Panasonic Greenwich Village Jazz Festival Art Competition(USA.,NY)
       Jazz Gallery (Hudson Street)
1999   cover illustration for CD[Eternal Affection], King Record
2000   Nov.  Solo Exhibition [Eternal] in Tokyo (Gate City Hall, Ohsaki)
           Dec.  Group Exhibition in Kurashiki (Gallery Miki)
2001   cover illustration for CD[Eddie Gomez Trio Live in Japan],  released in NY
2002   Mar.  Solo Exhibition [Figures3] in Tottori (Gallery Enju)
     Sept. Japan and France Art Marche Exhibition(International Convetion Center, Osaka)
2003   Mar.  Solo Exhibition [Eching Prints of Jazz Series](Hashimaya,Kurashiki)

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